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That was awesome, engaging, and well done. This looks like it took quite a while to do, and that you guys put a lot of effort into it, and it shows. I like how you incorporated most of the sonic characters, it really made brought a good feel to it. Well done 5/5

(random side note, doesn't Sonic insta-die in water? ehh minor point xD)

Well Done

I was vaguely following this, it was good animation and good voice overs, but nothing really stood out about it, but that last line of dialogue, that is what made it made it for me. Hilarious. Good Job.


This is pretty good, but you should have left the text out of it all together and let the audience interpret it. Other than that it was very well done, just add a play button if you can and it'd be great.

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This is a very slow going game, The art style. voices, and music are spot on for the mood, and mesh very well to make a great final product, but the actual game play is extraordinarily slow going and has a lot of room for improvement.
For one, how am I suppose to feel any sense of urgency when the character moves the same no matter what's going on? Every time Doug would sneak into the supplies, I would double click, hoping to inspire the character to hurry, but instead he'd take a step backwards, and then immediately turn back to the bar. There should have been some way to run instead of doing some sort of chill walk back and forth. I personally think that the keyboard should have been used instead of the mouse, because it would probably make the player feel a tad more involved, the mouse makes the game feel detached.

All in all, I think it had great potential, but just wasn't really quite there as a fun gaming experience. And I'm sorry to say (on a random note), but you are beating the hell out of a series that doesn't really have roots yet, you should just focus on the initial series before putting all your time into branches of it that don't even include your main character. The Larry Episode 1 rocked, and I am seriously looking forward to episode 2, but it doesn't seem like it's ever coming out, you haven't mentioned anything about an "Episode 2" since October 2009. Oh well, all your work still rocks out-loud, so I am looking forward for whatever your next release is.

Quelled my Boredom

But I think I broke it, I put so many boxes and circles in it that it stopped for about a minute, then worked at a crawl, and all the objects became green (Like the base platform), but overall I enjoyed it, I wish it had music though.

I beat it in one Sitting

Granted I sat here for a while... This is a good game, very well done, but the achievements get redundant after a while... for whatever I have accomplished every achievement except the "Divine Powers" because the game just wont give me the weapon... which is really annoying, but oh well,I guess I will just sit here and wait for it to work itself out =P. The customizing of the character didn't work for me either. I am starting to think that the Medal Systems clash with Mozilla Firefox, because Portal Defenders mention problems for Mozilla users, and who knows, they might be related. Hopefully that can get ironed out. Anyway, this is a good game, and I look forward to your future games. Keep up the good work, 5/5; 7/10

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Fantastic as always! I love your remixes! They are always an absolute treat to listen to.


And I thought I loved this song before!! AMAZING!!!!! I love Megaman Music, and you just made it better!!

Jebbal responds:

Spectacular! Megaman is the shit!

Welcome to Newgrounds, and thanks for the review!

O_O !!!

There are really no words to describe how awesome this is, So i am just going to dance "\^.^/"
fantastic job!!!

Jebbal responds:

Yaaa! Don't try to think of words to describe it, just dance! Dance all the way down to Six Flags!

Thanks for the review!

I used to be an aspiring flash artist and work on plenty of music. Then life happened. =/ I hope you enjoy the work I was actually able to upload though =)

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