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This is a very slow going game, The art style. voices, and music are spot on for the mood, and mesh very well to make a great final product, but the actual game play is extraordinarily slow going and has a lot of room for improvement.
For one, how am I suppose to feel any sense of urgency when the character moves the same no matter what's going on? Every time Doug would sneak into the supplies, I would double click, hoping to inspire the character to hurry, but instead he'd take a step backwards, and then immediately turn back to the bar. There should have been some way to run instead of doing some sort of chill walk back and forth. I personally think that the keyboard should have been used instead of the mouse, because it would probably make the player feel a tad more involved, the mouse makes the game feel detached.

All in all, I think it had great potential, but just wasn't really quite there as a fun gaming experience. And I'm sorry to say (on a random note), but you are beating the hell out of a series that doesn't really have roots yet, you should just focus on the initial series before putting all your time into branches of it that don't even include your main character. The Larry Episode 1 rocked, and I am seriously looking forward to episode 2, but it doesn't seem like it's ever coming out, you haven't mentioned anything about an "Episode 2" since October 2009. Oh well, all your work still rocks out-loud, so I am looking forward for whatever your next release is.

Quelled my Boredom

But I think I broke it, I put so many boxes and circles in it that it stopped for about a minute, then worked at a crawl, and all the objects became green (Like the base platform), but overall I enjoyed it, I wish it had music though.

I beat it in one Sitting

Granted I sat here for a while... This is a good game, very well done, but the achievements get redundant after a while... for whatever I have accomplished every achievement except the "Divine Powers" because the game just wont give me the weapon... which is really annoying, but oh well,I guess I will just sit here and wait for it to work itself out =P. The customizing of the character didn't work for me either. I am starting to think that the Medal Systems clash with Mozilla Firefox, because Portal Defenders mention problems for Mozilla users, and who knows, they might be related. Hopefully that can get ironed out. Anyway, this is a good game, and I look forward to your future games. Keep up the good work, 5/5; 7/10

Not Fun As Fun As The Old One.

I'm sorry, I was a fan of your other version, but these stages aren't like the old ones. The old ones were cleverly designed, and as a result, no matter how hard it was, it was fun. You could spend a long time on a stage, and feel satisfied once you beat it. But this version is just frustrating, I sit there jumping around like some sort of drugged bunny bouncing up and down trying to avoid traps that are just annoying. I also found a lot of collision faults, where I should of died where I didn't or I died when I shouldn't have. Needless to say, that was extremely annoying, adding frustration to a game that already claims to be "very very Hard!" It wasn't all bad though, I will point out some highlights; The bonus material is pretty nice and the only thing that kept me going. I am glad to see new characters, and other bonus material is pretty funny/cool. And though I did rip on the stage design I do appreciate the fact that you did allow the players to design the stages themselves, because some of them were very good. Finally, No disrespect to the musician, but I am pleased that you added a "Mute" button. All in all, this game is still good, but nothing spectacular was added. 4/5

This was fantastic!

Until you get to the missiles, I was having a great time bouncing around like some sort of Megaman/Spiderman-hybrid creature, the levels were very well executed, the gameplay was simple and fun, the music was good, and the secrets were cool enough to be worth collecting, but when you put the unnecessary super fast sniper rockets in the game, you completely removed any chance a leisure gamer has of actually beating this game with a smile on his or her face. Granted some of the stages with salt and what not were hard, but I could forgive it cause it was meant to make this game challenging, and to keep me going, but the missiles just made it seem like I had wronged you in some way, and you wanted revenge. The missiles also removed any thinking process I had, on other stages I could stop and look around to see where I could jump, or to see if there are Band-aids and what not, but after I saw the missiles I was so afraid of getting a rocket up my ass that I just ran as fast as I could through those stages and forgot completely about secrets. All in all this was truly a fantastic game, and I really hope you make a second one, but next time could you make it a tad easier? Maybe add a mode setting, or just not have super fast sniping missiles? I voted a 5/5 for the game, it deserves nothing less; but my review stands at a 6/10

Wow, Great game

This is a fantastic idea, and it's done really well. The art is beautiful, it's fast, and addicting , but it's got a few problems in my opinion. First, It's hard to see what enemies are on the edges, so I got most of my damage losing track of where the character was on the edges, and secondly, I was swiping around so frantically, I was moving the links on my desktop around by mistake, XD but that's my own fault. Otherwise, this game is great; I was playing with a pen-tablet (Which made it all the more fun) and was thinking it would be perfect on something on like a DS or iPod touch or something XD... actually this game fits those systems perfectly (it's better than half the stuff they actually make for those systems) . Great game, and keep up the good work =D (I voted for you on the supplied website, good luck)

This is Truly Fantastic!

Wow, I love this game, it's beautiful and fun. I have to admit, I played it twice my first go at it, cause I got so enthralled in this game, and was clicking around in space trying to fling myself from place to place... that I mistakenly hit my bookmark ... and lost my page XD. The puzzles are pretty fun, and flinging through space like my own Space Tarzan is completely addicting. Like I said, this is truly fantastic, and I can not wait until the next one =D 5/5!


Wow, right off the bat, the characters expressions were priceless! I ran around, looked at his awesome animations, then decided to just stand there, run into rocks, and just do everything I possibly could, just to see how he would react. The drawings were amazing and the music and sounds fit perfectly. Every base was covered for this one =D there was not one flaw. I love games like this, where it's so good it makes me lose track of time. Keep up the fantastic work! I truly couldn't imagine a better game =D


Wow, this is a really fun game, and has good music making it very addictive, Fantastic job, especially for a first game. It's simple games like this that are the best, because this is the type of game that you can play anytime, anywhere (which isn't always good for school and jobs haha) Great job and keep the good work =D


And really hard lol, It kept my attention for a long time which is good, and I enjoyed the music... but at some point arms just felt like an inconvenience, and the faster I lost them, the easier it was XD 5/5

I used to be an aspiring flash artist and work on plenty of music. Then life happened. =/ I hope you enjoy the work I was actually able to upload though =)

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