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That was awesome, engaging, and well done. This looks like it took quite a while to do, and that you guys put a lot of effort into it, and it shows. I like how you incorporated most of the sonic characters, it really made brought a good feel to it. Well done 5/5

(random side note, doesn't Sonic insta-die in water? ehh minor point xD)

Well Done

I was vaguely following this, it was good animation and good voice overs, but nothing really stood out about it, but that last line of dialogue, that is what made it made it for me. Hilarious. Good Job.


This is pretty good, but you should have left the text out of it all together and let the audience interpret it. Other than that it was very well done, just add a play button if you can and it'd be great.


The animation was good, but the repeating howling was unbearable, I doubt that was intentional, next time, just type "stopAllSounds();" in actions after the howling to stop that, other than that, it was good. the animations was relatively smooth, especially for a first, and it looked good.

CryingChimera responds:

I'm sorry it did that until it loaded! D: I have a preloader nao. :3

"Coz they are so awesome"

Every time I see a video of yours, It's almost a guaranteed fact that I will spend the next few hours of my life glued to my screen bouncing my head around. I have spent countless hours watching your music videos doing this... and I don't think I have regretted a moment of it. Thank you for another amazingly mesmerizing video.


That is brilliant!! Seriously, masterfully done. The pokemon setting is a perfect one, and each attack and technique is hilarious. Great job! 5/5

I don't know...

...How to describe this, the art, details, music; all of it is fantastic, without the slightest flaw... Episode 1 as a total is the best thing I have ever seen on Newgrounds, and I didn't think I would say that after seeing some of the stuff here, but I was wrong. But the plot scares the F*** out of me... this could very well be our future, and the way you tell this story doesn't help, everything compliments itself to make things all the more scary; the sounds, music, art style... seriously. But truly, this is exceptional, and I was in awe the entire time, thank you for such an awesome movie. I can't wait to see the other episodes, or anything else you work on. 6/5 if I could.

Purely Epic

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard watching a flash video. That was excellent; perfectly executed, hilarious, clever... just about everything. I love the kid's hair, that was priceless, and his expressions were magnificent. Thank you for such an awesome video! =D!!

"Kill myself?"

well if I kept watching this, the video might do it for me... i'm sorry 0/5

Go luigi!

Luigi rocks! That's how it's done! haha, Mario getting super kicked into the wall! great job man! 5/5

I used to be an aspiring flash artist and work on plenty of music. Then life happened. =/ I hope you enjoy the work I was actually able to upload though =)

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