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2016-01-24 00:08:41 by Tantalis329

It's been like 6 years since I bothered to post anything, news or content. I feel like that should change.


2010-12-06 22:24:15 by Tantalis329

Beat it =P t'was not fun.

At 50 yards there is a bloody Hurdle =P

and at 100 yards it asks you to "Jump!" ... right, that's happening, I practically crawled around for about 10minutes.

Either way, try to check out the game its really annoying... err I mean a blast!


New song styles.

2010-06-20 16:59:47 by Tantalis329

Recently I have been getting into crossover remixes, and if you haven't checked them out you should.
If you have any ideas I am open to them, I am currently working on a few projects though, so it may take me a while to get to them.

In the world of Flash, I am currently writing a script for a new series, which I am very excited about. But I will have more info on that later.

Well, feel free to post here, and please go check out my latest music.


Finally back on track

2010-02-22 16:30:30 by Tantalis329

So, I've sorta been out of commission for a while now. My trusty computer got a virus from hell after some "fun" weeks, i finally had to nuke the memory, losing a bunch of my programs and whatnot. After that I kinda lost interest in Flash, and writing music down; but I recently got a laptop and I am now ready to tear through some flash and song writing.

I posted a new loop, which you should check out. (Especially if you want an old knight's/Megaman feel). The Hero's Path

As for my flash, I was working on a massive project, but it sort of collapsed. A. The virus was no help, B. My artist wants to become a doctor or something ridiculous like that =P (You are a hell of an artist why waste your time on helping the world? oh wait...) ehh.. That being said he threw himself into his major and hasn't the time to draw or animate anything. So I'm hopefully going to put this project on the back burners and work on smaller projects to get a good feel for animating, and improve my horrible art styles.

I will try to put a video up soon, right now though I am debating if I want to just start small, or try to tackle a submission for Pico Day.

Well feel free to leave comments, concerns, any sort of feed back, as long as it is clean please.

I'll leave you with the picture I was using as the preloader for my late project, maybe one of you can use it, I may change it anyhow.

Finally back on track

Movie Poster

2009-05-15 21:24:15 by Tantalis329

I am officially on summer break now, so I finally get to start working on this series that I have been wanting to do for quite a while now. It's a four part series; my aim is to finish it by the end of my summer break (around August), but that might not happen.
Any who, cause I got bored, and cause I feel like it, I made a poster for the first part.

Chapter 1 : The Legend of The Golden Knight.

Movie Poster